My name is Rich Colicchio and I’m a New England based photographer specializing in travel, HDR (not the weird, other-worldly kind), macro, landscape, architecture and creative photography. And you may notice recurring characters that command the attention of my camera more than any other: my Yellow Labs Toby & Charlie – because they’re awesome.

OMG – more blogosphere clutter … WHY?!

OK, here’s why. Having recently graduated from the New York Institute of Photography’s professional photography course, I need to keep practicing the skills I learned and – hopefully – learn new ones.  So join me in stepping up my photography and scraping the dust off my writing skills.

Latest Time-lapse

I have given myself a goal of reworking past time-lapses in 4K, and working on my video editing skills in the process. Time-lapse photography has become a favorite medium of mine, hopefully it will be one of yours as well!

The Wintry Lure of Clemons Pond

In this time-lapse with recorded footage from what used to be our back yard in Maine, you’ll notice the deceptive scenes showing standing water leading you to believe it is spring, when in fact these scenes were actually taken in a rainy, unusually warm February. The scenes where the snow is hanging onto the trees were actually taken in March, due to the FOUR nor’easters we experienced, each a week apart, back in 2018.

Taking a break from Boston footage, this time-lapse is the second in my quarantine project to be redone in 4K video. Turn up the sound and enjoy!

Latest Snapshots

Here you will find an assortment of images that I'm proud of, or have either been published or won prizes. Keep checking back for more as I practice photography!

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