Welcome to my Site!

My name is Rich Colicchio and I’m a New England-based photographer practicing travel, macro, landscape/cityscape, architecture, animal and creative photography. Time-lapse videos are also among the skills I practice. I’m proud to have a certificate in professional photography from the New York Institute of Photography. The purpose of this site is to display the photos I make practicing the skills I learned and, hopefully, learn new skills and techniques along the way. So join me in stepping up my photography game and scraping the dust off my writing skills.

Latest Time-lapse

Something amazing happens when you shoot a series of sequential photos and stitch them together as a cohesive video. Time-lapses are now one of my favorite mediums.


In this time-lapse, we’re taking a trip to New York City. I’ve had the idea of doing this since just after the pandemic started, and finally the opportunity presented itself to make it happen! This video took a little over 25,000 photos to compile, and all photos were shot on or around Hudson River park, between Tribeca and Chelsea. – Turn up your sound and enjoy!

Latest Snapshots

Here you will find an assortment of images that I'm proud of, or have either been published or won prizes. Keep checking back for more!

Latest Galleries

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