Something amazing happens when you take sequencial photos and stitch them together as a cohesive video. Time-lapses are now one of my favorite mediums to work in.


In this time-lapse, we’re taking a trip to New York City. I’ve had the idea of doing this since just after the pandemic started, and finally the opportunity presented itself to make it happen! This video took a little over 25,000 photos to compile, and all photos were shot on or around Hudson River park, between Tribeca and Chelsea. – Turn up your sound and enjoy!


We did some lighthouse hopping on a road trip in Maine recently, and I took footage for this time-lapse at Fort Williams Park in Portland. There are two lighthouses visible from the park – Ram Island Ledge light is the first you see, and the second grander one at the end is Portland head light. – Turn up your sound and enjoy!

Around the Charles

Going back to Boston, this was the last time-lapse I had to remake in my project to get all of my previous time-lapses upgraded to 4K video. This, being my last to upgrade, was one of the first videos I shot footage for back in 2017. Turn up your sound and enjoy!

The Wintry Lure of Clemons Pond

In this time-lapse with recorded footage from what used to be our back yard in Maine, you’ll notice the deceptive scenes showing standing water leading you to believe it is spring, when in fact these scenes were actually taken in a rainy, unusually warm February. The scenes where the snow is hanging onto the trees were actually taken in March, due to the FOUR nor’easters we experienced, each a week apart, back in 2018.

Taking a break from Boston footage, this time-lapse is the second in my quarantine project to be redone in 4K video – Turn up your sound and enjoy!


During the summer of 2019 I went up to Boston approx once a month for work, and in my down time while I was up there, took footage for a time-lapse project that, for one reason or another, never finished. Thanks to quarantine, I picked up the pieces and finally finished the project – Turn up your sound and enjoy!

9/11 Tribute Lights, New York City

In September of 2019, I went to NYC to photograph the 911 tribute lights. Seeing them in person was just an amazing experience. While I was there I captured the footage for this time lapse video. Turn up your sound, and #neverforget.

Around Boston I

This time-lapse was made back in 2018 while on a trip to Boston. I braved 13-20 degree temperatures (no joke! It was COLD!) to shoot footage for this time-lapse that displays the beauty, lights, and color of the great city of Boston – Turn up your sound, and Enjoy!