1. The day before I had just left NYC. My friend’s photo Studio on 34th between 9th and 10th. heard a shout from one of the tenants on the 6th floor of the building, he knocked on the door which she opened the door as pale as a white sheet. She had just seen on TV the first of two planes striking the World Trade Center. Then my friend went on top of the building (where sometimes he would shoot fashion from) and in awe saw the second low flying aircraft (he could see the pilot) and the plane barely making it over the Hudson River and gaining height as it headed straight to the WTC. A moment he will never forget in his life. A story I will never forget myself. He couldn’t take pictures, he didn’t have his camera with him at the time.

  2. Correction: he knocked on the door, which the lady opened, as pale as a white sheet.

    • Hi Ray – wow – great story – I think we will all remember with great detail what happened to each of us that day – I was in San Francisco on a business trip – the events of 9/11 trapped us in San Francisco as all flights were grounded. There were 5 of us visiting San Francisco, and we decided to take the rental van cross country to take everyone home. We had to go to Chicago, DC, New Jersey, White Plains, and then I had the last leg of the trip back to Boston. As we drove by NYC several days later on the George Washington Bridge, we could still see the billowing smoke that was emerging from ground zero.

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